Henry Purcell

Songs Vol. 4

9 Songs

Sheet Music
Composer: Henry Purcell
Arranger: Sir Michael Tippett, Walter Bergmann
Contributor: Geraint Lewis
Instrumentation: low voice and piano
Edition: Band 4
Publisher: Schott Music Ltd., London
Language: English
Availability: worldwide
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The edition is part of the ABRSM singing exam syllabus (grades 6,7,8).
The edition is part of the Trinity syllabus (grade 6).


  1. An Epithalamium
  2. Sweeter than roses
  3. ‘Twas within a furlong of Edinborough Town
  4. Music for a while
  5. If music be the food of love
  6. The fatal hour comes on
  7. Ah! how sweet it is to love
  8. From rosy bow‘rs
  9. Bonvica‘s Song