Joe Duddell

4 (mere) Bagatelles

for string quartet

Sheet Music
Composer: Joe Duddell
Instrumentation: string quartet
Edition: score and parts, 4 (mere) Bagatelles for string quartet
Publisher: Schott Music Ltd., London
Year of composition: 2007
Performance duration: 00:05:00
Availability: worldwide
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Duddell's short string quartet made up of four "mere" bagatelles is a treat for both players and audiences. First performed by the Psophos Quartet at the 2007 Presteigne Festival and recently transcribed for string orchestra, Duddell embraces the historical weight of the prestigious string quartet medium by alluding to a wealth of masterpieces by Mozart, Stravinsky, Debussy, Beethoven, Tippett and Webern. Despite these acknowledged references, the music is still distinctly Duddell's, with catchy melodic lines, tender harmonies and rhythmic energy. This is a fantastic new work for young quartets interested in new repertoire.


  1. I Mechanically but wryly
  2. II Fast and Aggressive
  3. III With tenderness
  4. IV Boldly